If you have visited Bali Island in Indonesia, or you are planning to visit Bali, extend your vacation for more few days to visit its neighborhood, Lombok Island. It is a small area – about 4,725km2 – located just east of Bali.

You can say that once you arrive in Lombok as if you are visiting a “paradise”.  Unlike Bali, the island is much comfortable and relaxing place to stay.  There are many parts of the island you can visit.  The Lombok Island is also a gateway to the famous Gili Trawangan.

Now let start the exploration of Lombok Island:


In West area you can visit Pura Lingsar.  The place is mainly for Hindus community.  The Pura Lingsar is belongs to animists beliefs of the time.  The place has spring-fed pools within the temple grounds and is home to large freshwater eels. Other temples you can find are Pura Narmada (or Narmada Temple), and Pura Suranadi.


There is a place called Masbagik, it’s a small village where you can find and see the pottery being made in the small yards. Purchase the wares as souvenir for amazingly cheap prices.


Pringgasela, in central Lombok, offers weaving ikat. Visit the small houses and shops here to purchase traditionally woven, colorful fabrics.

Then you can go to Tetebatu, on the southern angle of Rinjani Mountain.  It is a cool mountain and is a lovely place for walking or a day trip with lunch at one of the nearby restaurants.


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